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“No one wants to buy a new roof. I get that. It’s a large expense that very few budget for, but that’s exactly why we created Ridge Masters—to go above and beyond, to make roofs as painless as possible.”

So says Chris Sorg, owner of Ridge Masters Roofing. “That’s why we are a full service roofing company. We repair roofs and install new ones. If we inspect your roof and a simple repair will see you through, we will do that.”

Since 2015, Sorg has grown his business organically, one referral at a time … something Chris is very proud of. His secret? “Well, it starts with being true to our word. When we say we will be there, we show up. The rest is easy because we really know what we are doing.”
He is also quick to say that he’s not a storm chaser roofer. “If we get a storm, you may still get roof companies knocking on your door. Please, be sure they are licensed and local. We roof to Miami-Dade standards here. Non-local roofers often get that wrong and it’ll cost you.” Not with Chris; call him for a FREE roof inspection.