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Known for forty-eight years as a “giant” in the world of RVs. Giant Recreation World is the only RV dealer to offer a Lifetime Warranty—their Warranty Forever—good nationwide. But they’re not just about RVs.

Larry McNamara, CEO of Giant, says “We’ve dabbled in boats, ATVs, all that. It’s all family fun recreation. Today, we’re excited to offer a complete line of golf carts—we’re Winter Garden’s #1 Golfcart Dealership! We sell all electric carts—no gas-powered. Advanced EV is our economical golf cart brand and it still offers more bells and whistles than a traditional gas golfcart. MadJax is our mid-line offering, Atlas is our premium brand. All are super easy to convert to street legal.”

The rental market is booming right now and Giant is at the forefront of that, too. They rent golf carts and RVs. Larry is proud to say: “Our rental fleet doesn’t look like one—we only rent clean, late models. Renting is the perfect way to test out the RV lifestyle. And we deliver, to your home, Fort Wilderness, Daytona Speedway. People who know book us a year in advance for those two.”

Buying an RV or golf carts is a big decision. Giant Recreation World cuts that big decision down to size.