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Improved efficiency, faster response, increased convenience, these are just some of the benefits Regency Real Estate has brought to the market since opening their doors in 2022. “We are a full-service, boutique agency located in downtown Winter Garden,” says owner/co-broker Heather Spirazza. “And we offer services others simply don’t. We have a licensed real estate attorney/owner/co-broker—Michael Scala—working right alongside us to help with contracts and titles. We have a complete Media department for producing quality videos and photography. We specialize in all real estate types—residential, commercial, investment, and even off-market acquisition.” Lexi Anderson, office manager and Realtor adds, “We live and work comfortably in today’s fast-paced digital realm. That said, it is still important that buyers and sellers alike do their due diligence. Choose and work with the right professional and then trust that professional to work in their best interest.”