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Like many great ideas, ARackAbove was born of necessity. Owner and designer Steve Schindehette explains: “My wife and I moved from our 3/2 home with a 2-car garage, and a 12×20 shed – into a 2/2 condo with no garage. We were forced to rent a storage unit for our motorcycles, bicycles, work bench etc. I quickly grew frustrated having to move the same items back and forth while trying to access my vehicles.

“I needed a fix. But what? Shelves & cabinets would not work. These solutions consume large amounts of floor space. I wouldn’t be able to get past the motorcycles.

One day, I looked up at the wasted space above me and asked “What if?” However, drilling into the walls or ceiling was not an option. It simply is not allowed. After some thought and a short trip to the home improvement store, I built a freestanding rack out of 2 X 4’s that took up no floor space & stood strong. It worked!! I did not drill or screw into a wall or ceiling. I remember how happy I was when the items I had been moving for six months were finally off of the floor & overhead. My happiness inspired me to search the internet to find something like I just created. There was nothing. I created an animated video, and I played it for every stranger I saw so I could get feedback. People liked the idea so much I started the patented process and began further development on ARackAbove.

Two years later, ARackAbove is the only freestanding, portable overhead garage storage solution on the market. It holds two patents. It is made of strong architectural aluminum. An adjustable, forty-eight inch shelf is accessible from both sides and is designed to adjust to the height of the tallest person in the home, allowing them to simply reach up and grab items. This simplicity reduces ladder falls and injuries.

ARackAbove utilizes telescoping tubing to adjust to ceiling heights up to 11 feet and 22.5 feet wide. ARackAbove is manufactured for single-car garages (holds 1,000 pounds) and double-car garages (hold 1,760 pounds). Three car configurations are available if necessary. A local engineering firm that designs and builds Orlando’s theme parks & rollercoasters did the strength calculations for ARackAbove.

Hanging items like brooms, vacuums, mops, blowers etc in the garage frees up valuable laundry room space. Steve realized this too. ARackAbove has integrated metal pegboard built into its supports. Pegboard hooks can support an additional 300 pounds of vertical storage space on either end of the rack.

ARackAbove is THE safest system on the market. No longer will you need to be on a ladder wrestling to get items off of those ceiling racks. No ladders, and no ceiling supports make accessing your items safe and convenient.

Unlike the typical ceiling racks, ARackAbove does not attach to your walls or ceiling, therefore, it is going with you when you move. It is going to fit your next garage. Guaranteed!

Not only can ARackAbove get your cars back in the garage, but it could get you out of a storage rental. ARackAbove will certainly keep you out of the attic by getting your valuable items out of the intense heat!

I have a customer who felt “crowded” in her new home. It was cluttered & had little storage. They purchased ARackAbove and she later told me “I finally fell in love with my home.” Another client told me: “I no longer have to drive to the storage unit” It doesn’t matter if you have a refrigerator, freezer, solar controls, breaker box, water heater and/or furnace concerns, ARackAbove easily adjusts to accommodate them all. “I have not come across a garage yet that ARackAbove didn’t fit,” Steve says. It is so nice to have my customers thanking me for making a great product.” ARackAbove may not change your life, but it will certainly change your energy, make you happier and lower your stress.” With only a couple of wrenches, ARackAbove assembles in a minimum amount of time. 

(Pictured left to right) Tony & Charlie VanOre with Steve Schindehette