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Q: Do you really need a tax advisor to do your taxes?

No, my job is not all about filling out tax forms and schedules to meet that April 15 filing date most Americans dread and many put off to the last minute. I am a tax advisor, not a tax preparer. It’s not about money and taxes at all for me. It’s about people.

So, I’ve made it my goal to share what I know about taxes, how to think about them, plan for them, and to use every hidden little tidbit in our tax code to protect my clients and get them every penny they deserve. It is a job only a professional can do well. Not your uncle who always does his own taxes and gets money back. And not that software you bought online.

Here’s why. Our tax code is bloated and full of confusion. As of 2022, it stood at around 37.5 million words spread over 6,871 pages. Add in accompanying regulations and guidance and it swells to 75,000 pages! What are the odds that you (or your uncle) are doing them correctly? I’ll just state the obvious—not very good

Every year, people cost themselves thousands because they miss write-offs, new regulations, and loopholes—because they didn’t know.

To compound the problem, you may never know how you’re doing—until the IRS brings it your attention. And that’s a bad day on anyone’s calendar. A day your lucky uncle probably won’t stop by for dinner.

I tell all my clients “you don’t know what you don’t know.” They’re interested in saving money. How do I save more money on my taxes? is the number one question I get. I’m more interested in protecting them and saving them money. That is the number one reason to use a tax advisor—for protection. Your taxes will be done correctly and for once, you’ll know it. Plus, you’ll have backup should the IRS ever come to call.

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