Alex Ekbatani

Gift Expert

Polka Dotz

12 West Plant Street Winter Garden 407-877-2222


Q: What makes the perfect gift?

The perfect gift is so much more than just something shiny or sentimental—it’s the act of giving and making someone else’s day brighter. 

As the proud owner of Polka Dotz and the co-founder of Polka Dogz Pet Rescue, I have devoted my life and business to mastering the art of greatness, gratitude, and giving. My ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for both humans and dogs. 

At Polka Dotz, every brand has its unique story and mission, which is reflected in each and every product. We believe that it’s the story and emotions behind each piece that truly make it special. 

We continually source unique jewelry and gift items to encourage, empower, and inspire people, and give back.

We continually search for unique jewelry and gift items to encourage, empower, and inspire people. Maybe you need that little reminder of how incredible you are, or you want to uplift a friend with a special, meaningful gift. That is Polka Dotz. 

As a business owner, I am grateful for every opportunity to serve and assist others. We love sharing life moments with our customers and we always strive to provide more value than the price implies. 

Of course, Polka Dotz is so much more than a gift shop. We have a special rescue section in which 100% of the proceeds are donated to Polka Dogz Pet Rescue, our 501(c)3 dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned, injured, and homeless dogs. Thanks to your shopping and generous donations, we have been able to donate $17,000 to dogs in need. 

While shopping for a loved one at Polka Dotz, you can be sure that you are supporting and contributing to a cause much greater than yourself.

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