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Q: How do I plan for food when hosting a party?

A: I say turn that chore over to a professional caterer and relax. Planning a holiday party should never be looked upon as an obligation or a chore. It’s your party as much as it is your guests’. You have a right to enjoy it, too, don’t you?

Trusting the right caterer can make all the difference. Tell the caterer what you want, give them a budget and the likes and dislikes of your guests (if you know them), and let them work their magic. Don’t micromanage. It can be as simple as “I’m expecting X number of people and I want to spend $X per person.”

As we tell the guests who visit Pammie’s Sammies in downtown Winter Garden: rest your head, put up your feet, be yourself, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feed your soul. When it’s your turn to host the next holiday party and you have a good caterer on your side, you can afford to be that chill. You really can.

Your guests will appreciate it almost as much as you will. They won’t feel as strong a need to add their own dish to your party fare. However, if some still want to contribute, by all means let them. People like to feel they’ve helped in some way and that will only add to their own enjoyment of your affair.

If you need the name of a really excellent cater, I happen to know one who specializes in signature sandwiches—traditional, pressed, or wraps. (Sammies travel exceptionally well, by the way.)

Because our creations are crafted from cherished family recipes, everything comes with a heaping helping of love, from our grilled flatbread pizzas, to salads, to from-scratch soups and desserts.
The answer to “how do I plan food for my next holiday party?” is as close as a phone call.

You can rest assured that everything we make is thoughtfully sourced, earth-friendly, and tastefully adventurous. I’ve made it my mission to feed the soul, craft with love, and serve from the heart. In the end, the best thing you can put on your party menu is hospitality.

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