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Q: Why use a travel agent?

Saving time and money are two of the obvious reasons, but the most significant may simply be you don’t know what you don’t know.

For example, I spent more than 30 years in hotel management. I learned the ins and outs of every reservations system in use, and when I transitioned into travel, I brought that knowledge with me. I have insider knowledge on how the cruise lines work, what to look for in a hotel, details about traveling to other countries. I had a client recently who booked a trip to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. They especially wanted to visit Vienna for its small town/village feel, but I knew what they really wanted they’d find in Salzburg.

That’s why I talk at length with clients to understand what they really want before making any reservations. I ask what hotels they usually frequent and what activities they like. Want to lie by the water and read a book? Visit museums? Tour the sights? I can guide them through all the options.

I have insider knowledge on how the cruise lines work, what to look for in a hotel, and details about traveling to other countries.

Today, cruises make up about 40% of my business. And one thing that sets Dream Vacations apart is that if a cruise drops its price on an already booked trip, I capture the savings and pass them on to my clients. Not many travel agents do that.

Plus, we are very good with group travel—company excursions, family reunions, incentive trips. Think of the time we can save with all those decisions! One last thing—buy travel insurance. For interrupted trips and lost luggage, of course, but really it’s for health reasons. If you get sick or break a leg in a foreign country, it could cost you thousands. Your health insurance won’t help you overseas.

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