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Dr. Lisa Lapwing is a Reiki Master and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture with a growing practice of human—and animal—clients! The Speckled Toe Bean is the name of her Reiki animal practice. (“Toe bean” refers to the pads on a cat’s paws.) 

While she primarily treats people, Lisa turned part of her focus to animals in 2017 when she adopted a third cat into her happy household. “It didn’t go well. They attacked the new kitty and resented me,” she says. “I tried behavioral solutions, drugs, nothing worked.” Then she tried Reiki, with astounding results. The fighting stopped, and her “cuddly kitty became cuddly again.” Speckled Toe Bean was born. 

Reiki is an Oriental healing art that promotes emotional, behavioral, and physical healing by balancing the energy centers of the body. Animals that are fearful, have aggression problems, or in pain are ideal Reiki candidates. Does it work? Hundreds of purrs and tail wags say Yes.