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Savanna Westwood is among the Top Ten Dog Walkers in Florida, according to the pet profile siteHappy Doggo. It’s easy to understand why—she’s been sitting for “All Creatures Great and Small” for eight years with no thoughts of slowing down. She’s seen everything from horses to dogs and cats, to poison dart frogs and bearded dragons. “No snakes, yet, thank goodness.” 

Pet sitters are excellent alternatives to kennels because pets are comfortable in their own homes. Their routines are the same: same feeding schedules, same exercise times. There’s no travel stress, no anxiety brought on by being kept in a strange place. And the stress on pet parents is eliminated. You’ll know your pets are in professional, caring hands, receiving plenty of one-on-one time. 

Savanna goes the extra “smile” and sends updates of her charges complete with pics and videos. Scan the QR code for the Savvy Sitter’s Peaceful Pet music to soothe them through the thunderstorms and fireworks. This comforting playlist can even keep your furry friends calm while you’re away.