Husky, 11 years

My life, like yours, has had its ups and downs. As an old gal at the golden age of 12, I’ve got my fair share of stories. My life has been a rollercoaster, with five different homes, a dark past as a bait dog, and a rescue from a kill shelter in South Georgia. But don’t let that ruff start fool you; I’m a survivor.

I found my forever family here in Winter Garden. Mom adopted me despite my age and battle scars—a missing ear, half a tail, and a few missing toes. A lot of other dogs would have given up, but not me! Dad included me in his proposal to mom, and I barked a resounding “yes”!

Now, I’m living the dream, exploring and receiving endless pets from my adoring fans—and let’s be honest, that’s everyone. My charm has earned me the nickname “Bunchie” for my bunches of love.

Life has taught me that no matter how many times you stumble, there’s always a chance to find love and happiness. If you spot me around, stop and say hi! I’ll even take a pet .

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Ellie the husky

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