From Pit to Party

Avocado brings a tropical twist to a classic cocktail.

In the vibrant tapestry of spirit trends, one undeniable star has emerged triumphant: tequila, with its sales soaring by an impressive 5.1% in the past year, claiming the crown for the highest spike among its spirited counterparts.

I am a contributor to this intoxicating surge.

Whether it’s sipped solo or mixed into a beverage, tequila has a smooth sweet flavor that is very palatable, not to mention lower in calories than other drinks. I don’t even need to be eating Spanish food to enjoy it, but it definitely helps complement the experience.

My current obsession is Avocado Margaritas. I venture all over town to sample how restaurants and bars are featuring the fruit in their beverages (as if I need another reason to introduce avocados into my diet.)

Local haunts like The Whole Enchilada in Winter Garden and Pepe’s Cantina in Clermont have become my weekly sanctuaries, where I can rely on a consistent dose of avocado-infused delight. But for those willing to journey a bit further, the pilgrimage to Rick Bayless’s Frontera Cocina is a must. There, amidst the vibrant ambiance, Bayless conjures magic in his rendition, elevating the Avocado Margarita to new heights.

And then there’s Epcot—a trip around the world would be incomplete without a stop at the Mexico Pavilion, where the Avocado Margarita takes on a daring twist with a splash of midori.

All do phenomenal interpretations of the drink — each sip an ode to the avocado’s creamy allure.

Every Friday, my friend and I look forward to toasting the week’s end and mindfully attempt to ration our Tajin rim the entire drink. Last week, the unthinkable happened—the bar ran out of avocado puree and couldn’t make the drink. I found myself devastated. What had become a weekly tradition was now tarnished, and I couldn’t even bring myself to order something different.

Yet, in the face of adversity, innovation flourishes. With a steely resolve and a thirst for tequila, I embarked on a daring mission to craft my own rendition of the beloved Avocado Margarita. What followed was nothing short of epic—a culinary odyssey that saw six intrepid souls journey through 1.75 gallons of tequila, 24 limes, and an army of avocados in my humble test kitchen, all in pursuit of perfection.

Avocado Margarita

For Avocado Puree:

(Makes 4 drinks)

1 Avocado, pitted & peeled

1 Jalapeno chopped, seeds and ribs
removed (this controls the spice level)

4 tbsp of chopped Cilantro

2 Limes, juiced

1oz of Agave Nectar

Splash of Water

Add to blender till smooth, should be slightly thick. Funnel into a bottle for an easy pour.

For Avocado Margarita:

2oz tequila of your choice, blanco or reposado

1oz avocado puree

1oz lime juice, plus extra for lining glass

1oz triple sec

Tajin for rim

Fill the glass with ice and dump it into a shaker along with all the liquid ingredients. Using one wedge of lime, rub the edge of the glass until slightly tacky and then rim the glass with Tajin. Shake contents vigorously and pour in glass .

Additional Modifier:

As always, enjoy this cocktail as you’d like. If you prefer a frozen drink, follow all instructions then add to blender. If you prefer it spicy, add 3 slices of jalapeno (with seeds) for an extra kick. If you want a floral flavor, supplement the triple sec with elderflower liqueur. If you want a fresh fruit note, muddle a handful of sliced cucumbers, blueberries, raspberries, or pineapple. If Tajin isn’t your jam, supplement with salt, or a salt & pepper mixture.

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