Futures Found

At Foundation Academy, innovation meets growth, preparing students for brighter futures.

Demand is high, but so are expectations.

According to Foundation Academy President Dave Buckles, “We consistently sit at 95% retention, which means there is very little student turnover. This year, for example, we received 527 applications for the 2025 year—for about 150 openings.

“And that is with our Phase Two expansion for the year—a 40,000 square foot classroom building—nearing completion.”

So, what is driving the demand?

“Certainly,” says Buckles, “School Choice scholarship vouchers by the state of Florida are now accepted for private schools, and that is one factor. All private schools are feeling that demand to some extent. But there is a lot more than that going on at Foundation.”


At FA, when we undertake any initiative, whether it is expansion or curriculum, we really examine, analyze, plan, and execute. “Our curriculum is the very definition of innovation, and we add to it every year, from technologically advanced facilities to programs designed to meet tomorrow’s demands. We’re investing in robotics on our upper and lower campuses. TV production, digital arts, computer graphics, and more are all here or nearing completion. We have a Leadership Training program headed up by a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force. We’re dedicating one of our older kitchen facilities to a Culinary Arts program.

“The point is, that ours is not just a ‘college prep’ program at Foundation Academy. It is much more. About seven years ago a parent came up to me and said, ‘I appreciate all your college prep and student services, but my child does not want to attend college. What do you have for him?’ It was a good question and on the strength of that, we formed a partnership with Orange Technical College. Now, we have students graduating and hitting the workforce straight out of culinary school, or out of training for a trade as welders, electricians—with no college debt to weigh them down.”


Jacquelyn Conover, who will be transitioning over the course of this coming school year to VP of Education, will be taking over for a retiring Carol Grosshans, who helped usher in a more comprehensive, challenging curriculum in her time at Foundation Academy. Jacquelyn echoes Buckles’ sentiments about innovation. “We are constantly looking into the future,” she shares. “What will the kids of tomorrow need to be successful? To that end, we teach personal finance courses and  entrepreneurship. We’re looking into TV production, medical careers, and robotics. We are always planning, expanding our resources, and creating new opportunities for learning within our educational space.”

Buckles adds, ”The atmosphere we foster here is a collaborative one. We make it known that we are a family for your child and we will partner with you to take him or her to whatever level they want to achieve.”

Educational Space

Foundation Academy is also a Christ-centered school. We teach Christian values here—your child will be taught from a position of love and understanding. We don’t train our students; we educate them in the Bible. We share God’s love with them, and we make parents aware of this from the outset. This is what we do and who we are. We have families from all religions and backgrounds, and we love them all.

“Our students are happy and excited about being here. Someone once told me, ‘Happy students make happy mommas.’ In 2022, the Orlando Business Journal voted us Orlando’s Top Workplace. We think that shows in our students and our faculty, and we are pretty proud of that.”

15304 Tilden Road
Winter Garden, FL 34787

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From the tastiest scoops to the splashiest influencers, here are your winners of the 2024 readers’ choice awards!


From the tastiest scoops to the splashiest influencers, here are your winners of the 2024 readers’ choice awards!

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