Happy’s Trails

Golden Retriever Mix, age 2 1/2

Wow… so this is a “picture taker.” I’ve wondered about this thing since I saw it snap-snap-snapping while the lady posed and smiled. I wanted to be in it, too … and I guess I was!

I didn’t get to meet many people that day, when Mom and I were on our walkies. But then the picture-taker saw us, and we got to be on the cover of a magazine!

Am I famous? Will I meet lots of humans who want to snap me with their picture-takers? I’d better practice my “Happy” face!

My name’s Happy. It’s the best name! I love it so much so I show everyone I meet what a happy boy I am. One time I wasn’t so happy. I was a puppy and I was at a shelter and I was sick and itchy. But then Mom adopted me! She’s the best. She named me Happy and then helped me feel all healthy so I could live up to the name.

But we’ll talk about her later—come on, take a picture of me! Cheeeeeeese.

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