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Hi–Liting Possibilities

Zoey Ready and her mother, Marcy

The teen experience is often a turbulent and confusing time just as much for parents as for teens. Zoey Ready and her family are no exception to this oft-experienced rule.

We caught up with Zoey and her mom to learn about their experience with Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting and the impact it had on Zoey and her family. “Between Covid and a change in schools from 5th to 6th grade, Zoey developed social anxiety that, over time, progressed into selective mutism,” as Marcy Ready, Zoey’s mother, shared. “The school was helpful, doing what they could, but eventually referred us out to a therapist specializing in this condition. This turned out to be an expensive disaster, as my daughter would not open up to her therapist. When I learned about Hi-Lite and the services they provided, I got Zoey enrolled. I’ll admit she was very reluctant at first, but when she learned there was boba involved, she agreed! Within 7 short weeks of being in Coach Bob’s group, she went from not engaging at all to being leaps and bounds ahead from where she had started. She also gained a great group of friends, along with finding her voice again. Additionally, she went from making C’s in math to making A’s.”

As Jeff Forrester, Cofounder, Author, and Coach for Hi-Lite explains, “We are not therapists, tutors, or mentors, we’re success coaches. We equip people—from tweens to young adults, parents, educators, and more—with practical tools to empower and transform their lives [through our programs].”

"The life skills she’s learned have truly brought back the bright, vivacious daughter that we 'lost' for about a year and a half".

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