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Viewpoint creates the perfect kitchen for each clients’ personal tastes.

Does the Perfect Kitchen Exist? Or, is perfection simply a standard to strive for but never achieve?

Ask John Reid, owner of Viewpoint Design and Installation, what makes a perfect kitchen and his answer will be the same for everyone and different for everyone. He’ll tell you, in a general sense, the definition of a perfect kitchen will be different for everyone. Yet, on the other hand, there absolutely can be a perfect kitchen if it is the kitchen for you. The one that fits your family, your lifestyle, your kitchen wish list—it won’t fit everyone, but it fits you—that is the perfect kitchen.

“We spend a good bit of time getting to know our clients before we ever put pen to paper,” John says. “We want to know how they’ll really use their kitchen. Are they foodies who love to cook? Is there a baker in the house? Do they entertain? Or, is the aesthetic more important than the function? Do they want a showplace or a cook place? Our job is to figure that out and design for it.”

A prime example is a new kitchen project Viewpoint recently finished for the Rodriguez Family.

“When we first met the Rodriguez family, they told us there was nothing really wrong with their kitchen. It had functioned okay for fifteen years. But their family had grown. Color trends had changed. Designs and even appliances had evolved. They needed an update.

“As we talked, we found out both parents were cookers. Function was extremely important to them. We added more storage, improved work flow, moved some things around. We added spice drawers, and brought pots and pans within easy reach, so they didn’t have to walk several feet to access what they needed while they cooked.”

At the end of the project, was it the perfect kitchen? “I would say, while nothing is ever PERFECT, for the Rodriguez Family, what we were able to accomplish for them brought that impossible ideal as close as it could get. Now they are making new memories—and delicious dinners for their family—in a space that truly fits who and where they are today.”

1200 E Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL

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