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When it comes to finances, it’s important to settle your goals. Charles Schwab can help.

From left to right; Stephen Wytiaz, Michael Wytiaz, Marina Borden, Drew Hoppen, Christian Stanfield

Charles Schwab began serving financial clients in 1971. And from day one, they’ve stood apart from their competition by adopting a business model based on lower costs and putting the client first.

Michael Wytiaz, Certified Financial Consultant and Independent Branch Leader for Schwab, adds to that by expanding on how they service their clients. “We are here to service all types of clientele. No matter what their stage of life or specific interests—retirement, wealth management, investment options—we will build a complete team of financial professionals to help them achieve their individualized goals.”

Marina Borden is a Financial Consultant at Charles Schwab who puts it simply and succinctly: “We are not salesmen. We are consultants and teachers. We can teach clients to trade for themselves if they wish. Or, we can provide guidance along a client’s financial journey. For those who may wish to leave all the management to the experts, we have a wide range of managed products for them to choose from.”

The company maintains 24/7 presence online for clients who prefer to interact that way. “Of course,” as Marina tells us, “we are here to build relationships with our clients and face-to-face is simply a good way to start. Of course, they can do it all online. It’s easier. I get that. But in my experience, people tend to feel more secure when we actually meet.”

There are so many ways to access the market nowadays, from online brokerages to financial consultants—and much to learn. Why not start with someone who has your best interests at heart?

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