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Suzi Karr Realty is Now...

Revel Realty

More than just a name change, Revel reinvents what it means
to buy, sell, and own a home.

Revolutions often begin quietly, and the seeds of change for Owner/Broker Chris Sapp are no exception. From the moment a young Chris Sapp stepped foot into Suzie Karr Realty sixteen years ago, to his well-deserved promotion to managing broker in 2021, Chris nurtured a distinct concept. He envisioned something more transparent, something more customer centric. That something is Revel Realty and when May first rolled around, Revel Realty became real.

“Buying a home is so much more than a transaction on a page. Unfortunately, for many in our business, real estate is purely a numbers game. Get the listing, get the sale, cash the checks, and go do it all over again. Not here. Not at Revel. We’re here to celebrate homeownership for buyers and sellers for the milestone it is, for the life impact it will have.

“Real estate is a business, but it is also personal. People don’t just move into a home, they move into a community, a school district, a lifestyle that fulfills the basic needs of their family. Our agency roots run deep in our community, with most of our agents either from or living in Dr. Philips, Windermere, or Winter Garden. So, we know all the churches, the schools, the shopping areas, the restaurants—and the neighborhoods.”

But it’s not just about what you know, it’s what you do with that knowledge that matters, and Revel Realty does plenty. “Our approach,” says Chris, “is action-oriented, fueled by clear communication, unwavering reliability, and transparent practices. Our firm not only prioritizes the customer experience, but education and community investment as well, to ensure that our clients enjoy a perfect fit in their new home beyond the walls of their house. We want our clients to explore and discover the full dimensions of new lifestyle they have chosen.”

One way that Revel Realty is changing the real estate game for the better is their commitment to transparency. “We intend to pull back the curtain for buyers and sellers, to guide them through the process from home showings to home closings and beyond. Every home is unique. Every home buyer and seller are as individual as their homes. It is our job to put both sides together and advocate for our clients so everyone is on the same page. Surprises are never good in real estate, and we work hard to be sure there are no surprises.”

Chris Sapp wanted to create a brokerage firm centered around the customer experience, that honors the importance of a new home in our customers’ lives. We think Mr. Sapp has done just that.


A new home is a huge milestone—something to celebrate! Revel Realty is here to turn your house hunt into a house party, and turn every buyer and seller into the guests of honor.


Revel was born out of a desire to change the real estate game — to pull back the curtain keeping buyers and sellers out of the sale. Our agents are your advocates, prioritizing people over commission and involving you in every conversation.


A home isn’t just about the house. More than just layouts and amenities, we make it our business to know the neighborhood — from schools and churches to social hotspots — of every home we show and sell.


We know a thing or two about the spotlight, and we love to shine it on our homes. For sellers, a Revel sign in the front yard is a sign of quality, and our expert design team gives your listing the perfect presentation that no one will be able to ignore.


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