Golden Retriever, 2 years

Hi! My name’s Theodore, but you can call me Theo. Since I was a pup, I knew that love knows no bounds. My best buddy was a kitten—we’d chase our tails in the yard for what felt like forever. I even showed her how my mama dog used to carry me, but I don’t think she liked it.

One summer, my human took me to Dinosaur World, and I made a towering dinosaur playmate! I kept barking at him to play, but I don’t think he could hear me from all the way up there. Barked my heart out, I did! But the real journey began when I grew up a bit and became a Therapy Dog. I visit folks in memory care homes, and boy, do I bring smiles. Even if names escape them, they remember me. A nudge, a lean, or a cozy snuggle, and their faces light up.

I’ve got skills, too! As an Occupational Therapist’s helper, I’m not just a pretty fur. I help folks with balance, play fetch for endurance, and offer cuddles for the soul.

Kaytelynne’s my human, and together, we’re a team of snuggles and ball-chasing fun. Throw a tennis ball, and I’m your best friend forever. Tricks? Oh, I’m a fast learner. I’m all about loyalty, smarts, and play. If you ever need a nuzzle or a trick, I’ve got you covered. Woof’s honor!

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Theo, the golden retriever

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