“Warmblood” Foal

Hay there! I’m Annabelle, but Mom calls me her “miracle filly.” Life threw me a wild twist when I suffered a brain injury as a wee one. I couldn’t walk straight, my vision dimmed, and I was in a topsy-turvy world. Mom told me not to have a long face, and that I would get better soon, even though the doctors disagreed. And guess what? She was right! I defied the odds, and now I’m totally stable­—not one whinny out of me! I’ve reclaimed my rightful place as the princess of the farm, and it feels fantastic! There’s nothing quite like the freedom of galloping through the lush fields, my hooves dancing across the earth. I prance around, playing with the big horses, and between you and me, I have way more horsepower than them. They can’t keep up with me! Oh, and when I want attention, I’ll run circles around you. Life’s a joyful ride, and I’m savoring every moment. So, let’s embrace the adventure and make every hoofbeat count!

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