The Local is founded on the idea that everyone has a story to tell.

We welcome all thoughts, ideas, stories, and opinions from any and every local. If your submission is selected for an upcoming issue, we will help you shape your story and share it with your neighbors. This page has everything you need to know to contribute.


The Local relies on and welcomes reader contributions for nearly all of its departments. Check the list below to see where your submission fits best.

Tails to Tell.

Fill out a simple form telling a funny, cute, or heartwarming story about your pet.We welcome any kind of animal, whether they’re a furry, feathery, or scaly friend. The pet will have a professional photo taken


Fill out a simple form telling us about a book or article that you love.


Fill out a simple form telling us about a film or show that you love.


Fill out a simple form telling us about an album or podcast that you love.


We take pride in our inclusivity, and want to share the voices of locals of all ages, genders, nationalities, and abilities. What we all have in common is the place we call home.

A master’s degree in English grammar is not required to be a contributor; our writers will make sure your submission is clear and engaging. We only have three requirements for our contributors:

1. Must be a Winter Garden resident. We are a Winter Garden publication, and we want to amplify Winter Garden voices. All our contributors either live or work in Winter Garden proper.

2. Must be willing to have your first name and photo published. We believe showing real local faces and voices is vital to bringing the community together. As part of our process, we ask that users submit a head-and-shoulders photo of themselves to run at the end of the story, and to at least submit their first name and last initial.  

3. Must be responsive and timely. Many of our submission categories require us to schedule an interview and/or professional photo shoot before they are ready to publish. If your submission is chosen and we send a message to the email you provide, we allow 48 hours for a response before we must move on to the next submission.