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Most days, Kevin Mitchell, owner of Horizon West Roofing, is literally on top of the world. He makes it a point to be on every roofing job and he loves it! He came to roofing as his passion after twenty years of being a preacher, a teacher, a formerly certified principal, and selling for other roofing companies.

“I’ve seen so many examples of bad roofing,” he says. “People deserve better and my core driving passion is helping people. So, I got my license and opened Horizon West. MY goal is to deliver an incredible product AND customer service. We do things right. We don’t cut corners with materials. What you don’t know about your roof can become costly and most of that is unseen. I’m definitely a roofing nerd—ask me about blue-green algae someday. I really want to help people become educated roofing consumers.”

Proof of that is his policy of free roof checks. “If you’re worried about your roof, bad weather’s coming, or you want to see what life your roof has left in it—call me. I won’t charge you. At best, I’ll land my next roofing job. At the least, I’ll have made a roof connection for the future.”