March/April 2024

Chic Shack
Close Quarters
9 Lives

From demolition to delight, Mandy and Knox Burns have shaped their space into a surf shack haven.

Ten years, three kids and 110,000 miles—for the Elhard Family, home is where you park it.

Love blooms for an Oakland family on their 13 acre farm.

Garden Variety

Laura Lynn trades corporate advancement for personal joy.
Vocal Locals
We turn the spotlight on our neighbors, bringing out the laughter, stories, and unique charm that make our town truly special!
Market Watch
Market vendors spotlight their favorite wares.
Local History
A cherished cornerstone in Winter Garden’s narrative.
There’s always good news in the garden.

Oh, Well + Tails

Oh, Well!

Dr. Mike Imler gets real about red eye.

Promotional Features

Promotional Feature

Your local Ace Hardware has all the selection you need and the customer service you deserve.

Promotional Feature

The giants of recreational vehicles are also big with golf carts.

Promotional Feature

A commitment to high quality puts Horizon West Roofing on top.

Promotional Feature

Dr. Manny and Katie Herrera reinvent women’s care in Horizon West.

Promotional Feature

Regency Real Estate are the future of real estate professionals.

Promotional Feature

Orlando Outdoor Living’s distinctly unique approach to outdoor spaces.

Promotional Feature

You’ve got choices! Shelley Dawson explains why she is the first choice for so many homeowners.

Promotional Feature

Suzi Karr Realty wants to give area homeowners something to celebrate.



Sip, savor, and hop your way through Winter Garden’s thriving craft beer scene.

Dining Guide

A unique family–owned restaurant offering eminent service, fine food, and plentiful wine.
The sandwiches are big and messy, the soccer is loud and exciting, and the German beers are cold and plentiful.
A wide variety of traditional Indian entrees, appetizers, sizzlers, tandoori and biryani dishes, and sides.
Since 2013, the Peach Cobbler Factory has been devoted to crafting delightful desserts that evoke the feeling of grandma’s kitchen.
Raw a la carte options like nigiri, sashimi, and rolls, plus uniquely crafted noodles, yakiniku and yakiyasai bbq.
Chef crafted options or customize your own with a variety of colorful sauces, piles of crunchy toppings.
A high-energy dining experience with the superiour quality of a steakhouse.
Fragrant curries and soups, silky noodles, stir-fries, and grilled meats.

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