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Attorney Greg Zele is passionate about protecting your rights. Whether you’ve been a victim of personal injury, wrongful death, or product liability, with Greg, it’s all about time—your time.

Like any profession, you have your good and bad—and personal injury attorneys really get a bad rap.  Everyone’s first response is “I don’t sue.” But that term is misunderstood. 

When people are injured, there is a legal process whether or not they use an attorney. Some injuries are not as severe as others, and some result in death. No matter the injury, someone’s family member is hurt. People are suddenly thrust into a situation they have never been in before, pain they didn’t have before, medical bills they didn’t anticipate (and that pile up), their car needs to be repaired, and in some cases, they may have lost time from work. The process for recovery can be complicated. So when this happens, don’t you want someone helping you and fighting for you?

Greg acts as a personal guide to help people navigate an often confusing and complex process that can take months to years. Many of Greg’s current clients are referrals from former clients because people have connected with Greg through this process and trust him when their family and friends find themselves the victims of an unfortunate incident or accident. When people refer to or call Zele Huber, they get Zele or Huber directly.

No billboards, no TV ads. There aren’t hundreds of cases. Why? Because this allows them to be selective and to give individualized attention to each case.  Clients of Zele Huber are not just numbers being pushed through a system. These are people—families, brothers, sisters, parents, mothers, fathers. Everyone is someone. Greg knows, meets, and interacts directly with every single one of his clients. They have his personal cell phone. They reach out to HIM when they have a question.

When Greg’s not in the courtroom or working with a client, you just might find him at a Dead & Company concert or sporting his maroon and gold gear to cheer on his alma mater Arizona State University, or just playing guitar.