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Dr. Edriana Bougrat Fermin DPT, CCRT, is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. Yes, canine. When dogs suffer the aches and pains of aging or injury, they need rehab just like humans. Edriana (Edi to her friends) is here to help with a mobile canine rehab practice serving the Greater Orlando area. 

It started in 2013, when Edi rescued an old longhaired dachshund named Gerard. As age took its toll on Gerard, after trying the obvious vet approaches, she concluded that her precious boy needed canine rehab therapy. When no one around provided the service, she enrolled in the Canine Rehabilitation Institute to learn and become certified. 

Today, Dr. Edi helps suffering dogs regain their mobility. She specializes in treating CCL tears (the doggie version of ACL in humans) among many other ailments, in tribute to her beloved Gerard.