January/February 2024

Young at Heart
On the Move
Fresh Perspectives

From a fateful kiss in a church pew to a serendipitous encounter over music, two Winter Garden couples celebrate finding love at any age.

Kelly Morphy takes each move as an opportunity to better herself and
the community that she calls home.

Jen Dixon, Clay Crosse, and Stephen Lewis have all hit the reset button and renewed their lives in amazing ways.

Garden Variety

Elizabeth Parker flips the script on Spina Bifida.
Local History
Our area’s citrus journey spans centuries and is marked by pioneering perseverance.
Market Watch
Market vendors spotlight their favorite wares.
Charitable Spotlight
Turning tragedy into triumph, Haley’s Light sparks a roadside safety revolution.
There’s always good news in the garden.

Oh, Well + Tails

Oh, Well!

Karyn Hewett and Maggie Sigiani are two women on separate paths yet united by a common goal: a healthier heart.

Promotional Features

Promotional Feature

For Jack Kennedy and JB Meridan Advisors, prudence paves the way to profitability.

Promotional Feature

Jake Petroski’s mission to improve Orange County schools starts on the bus toward District 4 Candidate School Board.

Promotional Feature

Go Figure’s expertise helps a small business owner identify a social media fraud.

Promotional Feature

Danny Culberson has “the business sense” and “the family sense” to serve Winter Garden in a positive, impactful way.



Sip into bliss: Filipino flavors take center stage at Dreamy Tea.

Dining Guide

A unique family–owned restaurant offering eminent service, fine food, and plentiful wine.
A local favorite for 13 years serving authentic regional Italian cuisine and pizza.
The sandwiches are big and messy, the soccer is loud and exciting, and the German beers are cold and plentiful.
A wide variety of traditional Indian entrees, appetizers, sizzlers, tandoori and biryani dishes, and sides.
Raw a la carte options like nigiri, sashimi, and rolls, plus uniquely crafted noodles, yakiniku and yakiyasai bbq.
Chef crafted options or customize your own with a variety of colorful sauces, piles of crunchy toppings.
Fragrant curries and soups, silky noodles, stir-fries, and grilled meats.

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