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Artful Orthodontics

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Q: Is orthodontics just about straightening teeth?

There’s so much more to orthodontics than simply straightening teeth! I call my practice Artful Orthodontics because I believe orthodontia truly is an art. You need an eye for detail. For example, the front teeth should be longer than the teeth beside them, but not too long. The curvature of the smile should mimic the curve of the lower lip. It all adds up.

I like to focus my practice on innovations and technology. The biggest breakthrough in my field came in 2019 when an orthodontist in Massachusetts created LightForce braces. Unlike braces that use a standard prescription based on averages, LightForce braces use CAD software and 3-D printing to create brackets that are a custom fit for YOUR teeth. As a result, we can get better results with a significant reduction in treatment time!

I get asked all the time if you are ever too old for braces, and the easy answer is no …I recently treated a woman who is 83 years young!

And that’s true for any age, whether you are 8 or 80. In fact, I get asked all the time if you are ever too old for braces, and the easy answer is no. I recently treated a woman who is 83 years young, after she’d been told she was too old by another orthodontist.

 As long as it is dentally healthy, you can absolutely get the smile you always wanted, no matter what your age. And the bonus—initial consultations are no charge! The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a consult starting at age 7.

Still, teens and young adults are the biggest part of my practice. I hear from parents all the time who are concerned because their child has spaces between their baby teeth. If you are worried, definitely come see us, but here’s a hint—spaces in your child’s baby teeth can be a very good sign. Permanent teeth are much larger and will need the room when they come in!

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