October 2023

Something Extra
Hi-Liting Possibilities
A Global Campus
An Exciting New Chapter
Prepared to Amaze

Meet the locals who are redefining
extraordinary in their own ways.

Hi-Lite’s coaching programs are designed to empower the client and transform their thinking so they can achieve success.

Windermere Prep offers its students a rigorous program of advanced academics and a broader world perspective

Orange County Library is reimagining its place in the community. Check it out—
you may not recognize it!

This is one pre-school that absolutely lives up to its name.

Garden Variety

This Halloween, April Eckwielen celebrates two magical years raising spirits on Main Street.
Local History
In the annals of Winter Garden’s history, fires have left an indelible mark, reshaping the town’s landscape and spirit.
Market Watch
The world of artistry can lead to unexpected passions and creative endeavors, and Gary Haynes is the perfect testament to this.
Charitable Spotlight
Blatantly Honest is on a mission to eradicate the stigma surrounding bullying and other pressing social issues.


There’s always good news in the garden.

Tails To Tell

Meet Blue, the Mutt of Mystery.

Promotional Feature

Orange County Library is reimagining its place in the community. Check it out— you may not recognize it!

Promotional Feature

If your child needs a helping hand along his or her scholastic journey, Ur Learning Solution has answers for you.

Promotional Feature

Indulge in elegance with Ette’s Afternoon Tea, where tradition meets sophistication in an enhanced afternoon experience.

Oh, Well!

From facing the brink of death to forging a path of resilience, Adrian Jeremiah Colon’s journey is one of triumph over adversity.



A beginner’s guide to ordering Indian food like a pro at Cilantro.

Dining Guide

Caribbean Sunshine Bakery is locally owned for 25 years and features authentic Jamaican and Caribbean dishes.
Raw a la carte options like nigiri, sashimi, and rolls, plus uniquely crafted noodles, yakiniku and yakiyasai bbq.
Chef crafted options or customize your own with a variety of colorful sauces, piles of crunchy toppings.
Fragrant curries and soups, silky noodles, stir-fries, and grilled meats.

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