March 2023

Home Again
The Accidental Gardener
In Style

A pair of creative homeowners with diverse cultural interests transform a 1920s Spanish Eclectic home into a historically relevant showpiece.

Andre Baptiste on cultivating a farm, a following, and a food forest.

Kelli Caffey’s home looks like it stepped off the cover of a magazine—because it has.

Garden Variety

Brady Beahler on honing the skills and values that will serve him for life.
Local History
A set of mysterious steps with a juicy past.
Market Watch
This quirky booth has ‘plantcentric’ goodies for everyone.
Charitable Spotlight
The Bloom and Grow Garden Society has Spring Fever.
There is always good news in the garden.

Oh, Well!

Postpartum depression is never your fault — and it is treatable. Ashley Rogers shares her message of hope and healing.

Promotional Feature

Step into the studio at Viewpoint Design & Installation and hand them your dreams — John Ried will bring them to life.

The Home Pros

Meet the area’s go-to pros who are there to help you find and care for your biggest investment.



The culinary career and award-winning chili of the best cook you’ve never heard of.

Dining Guide

Heavy with Italian tradition, Cariera’s features timeless favorites.
Raw a la carte options like nigiri, sashimi, and rolls, plus uniquely crafted noodles, yakiniku and yakiyasai bbq.
Quality bourbon, craft beer and cocktails, and award-winning bison burgers.
Chef crafted options or customize your own with a variety of colorful sauces, piles of crunchy toppings.
A high-energy dining experience with the superiour quality of a steakhouse.
Fragrant curries and soups, silky noodles, stir-fries, and grilled meats.

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